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We focus on creating simple, effective, productive design concepts for casual and professional use.

What We Do

Here at Covalent Designs we take ideas, and find the elements that can be used to create a concept. Just like only a few elements on the periodic table make up the building blocks of life, these elements become the building blocks of a design. Then, we mold this design into a functional language that fits the client's needs.


Every business and product needs an identity. We help you find that identity through concepts and design.


Once we have a strong concept or identity, we can start building the feeling or atmosphere around your business and product. We do this with colors, pictures, logos, and even possibly a font style.


Then, you will need a way to show off this wonderful new identity to the world. We also offer affordable, no-fuss web hosting for any project!


Now that your identity is live, you need to get your vision in front of as many people as possible. We have the expertise to create audio and visual material to get your product across the finish line.

Build Your Own Site

If you're in the mood to do the heavy lifting yourself, try our amazing website builder package. With drag and drop features and hundreds of ready-made, fully responsive templates, you can be up and running in no time.

SitePad includes the ability to create static pages with reponsive design. It integrates with your control panel and includes social media links and an easy way to customize your menu. You can include everything from blog posts to media objects in any page. The power and flexibility are comparable to any website builder to date!

Our Services

Cobalt Cloud

Cloud Hosting

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$2.50 USD /mo

Dedicated Servers

Virtual Dedicated Servers

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$12.50 USD /mo

Website Packages

Packages for any size website!

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$0.00 USD /mo

About Us

We have been taking ideas and turning them into identities for over 10 years. We have a passion for helping small businesses and work hard to keep your business successful. If you're successful, so are we!

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